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 Tony Adamo - Up In It

Tony Adamo - Up In It Tony Adamo is well on his way to becoming a star, I have no doubt about that. Right on the heels of his successful 2003 release Dance of Love, he is keeping the momentum going with an EP teaser titled Up In It in anticipation of his fall album release.

“Lolita” is catching on real fast and I can understand why, it is a made for radio friendly contemporary jazz-pop chill out that sounds irresistible and “Groove Therapy” says it all folks. If you want to get into a smooth and funky groove, Tony Adamo has the answer, his voice. What a set of pipes this man has! Women will surely melt when they hear it and the men will wish they could sing that way.

Adamo is totally Up In It now and there is no turning back. When the full album is complete, everyone that enjoys his music will be more than ready to hear it. This EP will certainly do the job in creating a buzz for the upcoming release.

1. Lolita (4:09)
2. Up In It (4:13)
3. Hey Lou (4:00)
4. Groove Therapy (4:30)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Jazz-Pop
Record Label: Urbanzone Records

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