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 Yes - Yesspeak

Yes - Yesspeak Yesspeak is an extensive two DVD set that focuses in on the classic Yes lineup of Jon Anderson, Rick Wakeman, Chris Squire, Steve Howe and Alan White. They speak about their lives with the legendary progressive rock band and celebrate 35th years together, which by any standard is amazing.

Many clips from their live performances are part of the features along with commentary from band members, as well as individual interviews and solo performances during concerts. I found a lot of insight available regarding this magnificent band and quite a bit that I never knew. It was a good education. I was aware that Roger Daltrey narrated this presentation after I read the press release prior to receiving the set in the mail and wondered how that would work out. To my pleasant surprise, he did a great job, just like a seasoned pro.

The story of Yes is as magical as their recorded legacy. Throughout the entire span of lineup changes, they have managed to remain successful in every decade since the 60s. The only member that has never left the band since their inception is Chris Squire, a testament to his belief in the music and Yes as a unit. Squire and Jon Anderson remain the only two original members left since their first album. Now in their fifth decade of recording and performing, this footage is ample proof that Yes continues gain popularity. While their back catalog sells at a brisk pace and they continue to tour the world energetically, anxious fans await the follow up to the 2001 studio release Magnification. I have the feeling that the band will never disappoint for as long as they are actually able to record. What is most impressive about these men is that they are all experts at their craft, true individual music superstars, and yet they have managed to keep their egos in check, maintain solo careers, and keep the Yes ship afloat.

I enjoyed this presentation immensely and I do not think being a Yes fan is a prerequisite to appreciating what this DVD has to offer. Both discs are extraordinary in all aspects of production and sound quality making it fine entertainment for all music fans.

1. Siberian Khatru
2. Magnification
3. Don't Kill The Whale
4. In The Presence Of
5. We Have Heaven
6. South Side Of The Sky
7. And You And I
8. To Be Over
9. Clap
10. Show Me
11. Rick Wakeman Solo
12. Heart Of The Sunrise
13. Long Distance Runaround
14. The Fish
15. Awaken
16. I've Seen All Good People
17. Roundabout
18. Yours Is No Disgrace
19. No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience
20. Needed

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Progressive Rock
Record Label: Classic Pictures

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