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 Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love

Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love

Kate's masterpiece. A beautifully uplifting work, innovative and eclectic.

'Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)' and 'Hounds Of Love' are examples to modern pop princesses of how to be respected for one's talent. Well constructed songs, clever production, vibrant, inventive, and beautifully sung.

Kate's little girl voice surfaces in the mesmerising, if over long, 'The Big Sky', while 'Mother Stands For Comfort' is a beautifully wistful piece, and the rhythm of 'Cloudbusting' is truly infectious.

Side 2 sounds like world music. 'And Dream Of Sheep' is a sweet, simple song. 'Under Ice' is darker, with short, sharp menacing chords and lines. The whales are in fine form on 'Waking The Witch', which has the listener being thrown off balance, as it bursts into something you'd expect from 'The Exorcist'.

'Watching You Without Me' sees Kate's finest vocals on the album, in a heady mix of beautiful voice, beautiful New Age sound and harmonies, and voice cut-ups.

'Jig Of Life' has a traditional Irish feel, with a modern treatment - and Kate sounding like a lively colleen! A wonderfully rich sound.

'Hello Earth' is intriguing. Looking at man's insignificance in the face of the power of nature. With a medieval choral piece coming in unexpectedly, this displays Ms. Bush's gift for the unexpected. Then the whales join in with the medieval choir and Kate!

The final song, 'The Morning Fog', is a driving, poignant, touching, New Age/folk hybrid.

1. Running up That Hill (A Deal With God)
2. Hounds of Love
3. Big Sky
4. Mother Stands for Comfort
5. Cloudbusting
6. And Dream of Sheep
7. Under Ice
8. Waking the Witch
9. Watching You Without Me
10. Jig of Life
11. Hello Earth
12. Morning Fog

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Posted By: Paul Rance

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