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 David Bowie - Outside

David Bowie - Outside

An underrated David Bowie album, this is as good as anything Bowie has done since the early '80s. A good cast, including Brian Eno and Carlos Alomar, helps, of course.

It begins in style with one of Bowie's best tracks from the '90s, 'Outside', which is immediately followed by a powerful, melodic number, 'The Hearts Filthy Lesson (featured in the film 'Se7en')'. This is a disconcerting, interesting guitar-driven track. 'I Have Not Been To Oxford Town' is as catchy as hell, and this is an album reminiscent of early '70s Bowie - catchy melodies, powerful rock rhythms, good guitar and keyboards, and lots of innovation.

'We Prick You' is a raucous rock anthem, but has a sweet, gentle mood change halfway through. 'Thru' These Architects Eyes' is a majestic track of rock-steady harmonics.

The pumping bass and the powerful pop of 'Strangers When We Meet' ends the album, and then there's the entertaining segues. It's an album, that if cut by some 15 minutes, could have figured even higher in the pantheon of great albums by the great chameleon, but then no-one has put together more genuinely great albums in the history of rock than DB.

1. Leon Takes Us Outside
2. Outside
3. Heart's Filthy Lesson
4. Small Plot of Land
5. Segue: Baby Grace [A Horrid Cassette]
6. Hallo Spaceboy
7. Motel
8. I Have Not Been to Oxford Town
9. No Control
10. Segue: Algeria Touchshriek
11. Voyeur of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)
12. Segue: Ramona A. Stone/I Am With Name
13. Wishful Beginnings
14. We Prick You
15. Segue: Nathan Adler
16. I'm Deranged
17. Thru' These Architects Eyes
18. Segue: Nathan Adler [Remix]
19. Strangers When We Meet

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Posted By: Paul Rance

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