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 Sun Ra & His Arkestra - Live At Montreux (1976/2003) (2 LP Set)

Sun Ra & His Arkestra - Live At Montreux (1976/2003) (2 LP Set) Probably the one song that explains and defines what the music of Sun Ra is about is “We Travel the Spaceways.” It puts things into prospective for a career known for being outlandish and experimental. Horizon (a subsidiary of Comet Records) re-released Live At Montreux in 2003 on a beautiful 180-Gram vinyl gatefold LP set. I am certain jazz-fusion fans across this great globe applauded their efforts. To become acquainted with the legend of the great Sun Ra & His Arkestra is an experience that is beyond words. You see, Sun Ra built his musical ark to explore jazz and all its dimensions, even though he was in his own dimension or universe mind you, he certainly left an impression upon us all and certainly influenced many young musicians looking for something out of the ordinary to develop in their repertoire.

This live set is an extraordinary documentation of his many talents as a bandleader, arranger and producer. I know I am not alone with these feelings…I find this music odd at times and even annoying, particularly when the off-key woodwind instruments are part of the mix, even so, I am fascinated and hypnotized by this avant-garde experience time and again. In the same token, once the free form style comes to a complete stop during a composition, it sounds quite normal and contemporary. The transitions, odd time signatures, and variety are what make this music unique. Sun Ra was a special person, a true to form innovator and master of his art. If you never had the pleasure of witnessing this man perform live before his passing you have reason to be grateful for albums such as this, I know I feel that way every time I listen to this music.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Jazz/ Experimental Big Band, Avant-Garde, Free, Progressive Big Band
Record Label: Universe

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