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 Jonah Burnstein - Rough Demos

Jonah Burnstein - Rough Demos Jonah Burnstein is a 20-year-old Boston Massachusetts native with a bright future awaiting him. His kinship with the guitar is strong and he has a voice that will surely attract record executives with their aim set at the top of the pop charts. He has all the makings of star on the rise.

Rough Demos includes enticing pop-rock melodies such as “Hours” and “I Just Can’t Get Over You.” The tracks are overflowing with silky smooth vocalizations, which are then weaved into the lyrics by his six-string, thereby creating hooks in abundance. It is simply mesmerizing music, there is no other way to explain the magic Burnstein creates on this EP taste test. He wrote, arranged and performed all of the tracks, a bright signal to his wisdom as a musician and all-around artist.

If these are indeed rough demos, I cannot imagine how good the polished versions of these songs will be. I was impressed with what I heard there is no denying that. It was easy to forget that these were just sketches of a masterpiece yet to reach its fruition. It is very exciting to hear such a young artist with so much promise and talent. I really look forward to the eventuality of all of this work.

1. Hours
2. Melody
3. I Just Can’t Get Over You
4. Reason

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock-Pop
Record Label: Independent

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