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 Alon - The Artist Manifesto

Alon - The Artist Manifesto When I listened to the artist Alon on his CD/EP The Artist Manifesto, I thought of Velvet Underground members Lou Reed and John Cale. He sings and talks his way through songs in an austere and provocative way…it was hauntingly familiar. Using an acoustic guitar and his biting vocal style to make each track a story that befits the title, he attacks the lyrics in a purposeful and exact manner without respite.

The video included with the CD/EP titled “Walking Contradiction,” shot in black and white, draws attention to his thought provoking drama that plays out inside an old warehouse. I wondered what it would be like to witness this man performing live, so it was interesting to watch his facial expressions and body language in the video.

This was just a taste of what Alon has to offer, he has a full-length album and DVD coming soon that will surely give his music the exposure it deserves via a full-blown multi-media experience that will capture the essence of his expressive artistry.

1. Burn
2. Ode to Marianne B. Gallo (Live at The Fire in Philadelphia, PA 5/23/03
3. That Boy
4. Video: Walking Contradiction

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Folk-Alternative Rock
Record Label: Great Egg Music

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