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 Mark Brine - For Karrie

Mark Brine - For Karrie Mark Brine sings and plays the guitar as a true American folk legend would. His new album “For Karrie” is genuine and forthright in musical and lyrical content. Brine derives inspiration from all the great poets and writers that have come before him. His words and music create a colorful landscape of Americana delving into traditional, roots, country, rock, and blues. The strongly persuasive influences of country come through loud and clear from the traditional country-blues of yesteryear.

At the start of the album it sounded as if I was in for a country session, I was obviously too quick to judge the eventuality of each track. I strongly suggest that you really give this album a chance and a few listens so it all sinks in, and it will.

“8th Grade Romance (…And They Danced)” is one of my favorite tracks. The guitar has a hypnotic rhythm and Brine’s voice pulls you right into the story, as he does with every song. His voice is certainly different, not quite totally country and not quite totally anything for that matter, it is a little bit of everything. It gives him the ability to sing on either side of any invisible genre lines without crossing over yet having enough talent and flexibility to dabble with the blues too, which again, go back to the roots-country where he gathers such deep inspiration. “Mae West Momma” is a real hoot, and fun loving song just soaking in the warmth of Brine’s voice and guitar strings. This album is full of wonderful moments like that. It just boils over with originality and the very substance of what we are.

I could easily ramble on ad infinitum about his album, but I will spare you from that and merely advise that you pick up this great recording. There are too many reasons not too and I just gave you a handful as to why you should. So what are you waiting for? Ramble on down to the local record store or plug in and go visit CD Baby (, CD Street ( and Miles of Music ( If you enjoy any of the styles of music that I mentioned, you have my personal guarantee you will absolutely love this CD. Like Nike says…just do it!

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Country, Roots, Blues, Pop, American Traditional, Folk

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