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 La Vagancia - Cinco Rolas

La Vagancia - Cinco Rolas In five tracks, La Vagancia manages to transmit their emotion and Latino inclined talents in an appealing crossover rock-pop-alternative way that will attract audiences from both the Latin-Rock community and other musical cultures and sub-cultures.

Much like Los Lobos, the kings of Latino rock, “Daniel” is a perfect example of their passion and deeply rooted spiritual connection to their ancestors. Although there is not word of English in the song, you can feel their emotion and the music rocks. On “Letty” they sound like an alternative rock band, which is a complete turnaround from the previous song (accept for the Latin inflections in the lyrics), and that is not all, in a short instrumental passage featuring the guitar, they go in distinct jazz like direction.

There music is as Americana as it gets, albeit with a Latin twist. So you name it, it can be found on this EP…style, focus, culture, and most of all, great music! Viva! La Vagancia!

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock/Latino, Alternative, Pop
Record Label: Independent

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