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 Strange Brew - Blues Cauldron

Strange Brew - Blues Cauldron Strange Brew surely came up with their name because of the Cream song with the same name, which is not a hard one to figure out as they were one of the first big blues rock bands from the U.K. Then again, maybe it is not as cut and dried as it sounds. The lead singer Marcy Eustice, whom also provides flute and percussion for the band, could be that one element that makes their music a Strange Brew of blues and rock. Her voice seems too refined and polished to be a typical gruff whiskey soaked blues belter. She is not even close to the rough around the edges vocal style of someone like Bonnie Raitt for instance, yet she commands a strong enough presence to front a rock-oriented band. I think therefore she lands somewhere in between, making their latest release a bona fide Blues Cauldron.

On the instrumental side, this firecracker band stirs up that simmering cauldron with razor sharp guitar licks and a rhythm section that pumps like a heart on overdrive. Fran Rifugiato provides the lead guitar, bass and backing vocals, while Pete Foy plays the drums.

Hailing from the city of steel, Pittsburgh, this band of rock ‘n’ roll riders is ready to come stormin’ into your living room, car stereo or wherever else you listen to music, so get ready for some high powered blues influenced rock that will rock your soul and jump start your heart. If “I Better Stop Drinking” is not a blues song, my blood is not red and neither is yours.

Strange Brew may not be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but they certainly got my ear and made my body move to the groove, and that is enough for me to recommend that you give this CD a workout on your speakers.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Blues/Rock
Record Label: Riff Records

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