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 Steve Howe’s Remedy - Elements

Steve Howe’s Remedy - Elements If you have read any of my reviews of Steve Howe’s solo work or his many years of work with Yes then you probably expect a glowing review. His band Remedy has a new release titled Elements so I am sure you would expect this write up to be nothing less than a rave up as well. Well then, I aim to please.

Howe and his two sons Virgil (keyboards) and Dylan (drums), along with Gilad Atzmon (sax, flute) and Derrick Taylor (bass), join the professor of the six-string on 16 amazing tracks (primarily instrumental) of rock-jazz-blues-progressive-fusion Elements (key word).

It is indeed an exploration of musical progressions for Howe. He cuts it loose and does not leave a stone unturned during his musical sojourn. In the liner notes, Howe explains that the music shows you how progressive rock developed its personality. You have to remember that this man was at the forefront of the genre back in the ‘60s so we should take that comment in a literal sense. He is not kidding, as this album will attest. His crackerjack group follows his lead as they work precisely through jazz passages, flat out progressive rock, space rock, and blues influenced tracks.

This is definitely a huge step away from Yes and is further proof of Steve Howe’s all around talent and diversity. If you are a Yes fan, you are well aware of that fact. When you hear the album, you will be even more impressed with what he accomplishes. This is some of the very best work I have heard from Howe, and that includes his Yes recordings.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock/Progressive, Jazz, Blues, Fusion
Record Label: Inside Out/SPV

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