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 Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon (1973/2003)

Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon (1973/2003) My eyes popped right out my head when I received this DVD. This is prog-head heaven, the making of The Dark Side of the Moon on DVD. The most interesting feature of the how-it-was-recorded series from Eagle Rock Entertainment is that you get a chance to sit in the studio and watch each individual musician play their parts. Another fascinating treat is listening to the engineer, whom was Alan Parsons; show you how he put the album together piece by piece.

There is no doubt that this album is the #1 rock album of all time. Not only was it on the charts for 14 years, it was a groundbreaking prog-space-rock recording that erased all the boundaries and thought processes that were previously the status quo for recording an album. Some of the effects used on the album were so simple. On “Money” Roger Waters recorded seven different sounds, because the song is played in 7/8 time, at home utilizing a tape recorder, then he spliced together the pieces of tape and ran it through on a loop in the studio to get the sounds to come together and the band then played on queue to those sounds, amazing. Another interesting effect was the use of taking a small keyboard and pounding out five notes then feeding it through an oscillator and speeding it up to get the rapid synthesizer sound. I was amazed at the sheer simplistic genius that the band and the engineer Alan Parsons used during the recording of the album.

I found the conversations with Roger Waters particularly interesting. He sits with his acoustic guitar and bass and takes you through some of the tracks off the classic album. I would be willing to bet most of you did not know that “Money” is a blues riff. I never pulled it apart as Waters did in his interview and you can actually hear how it does sound like a down-home blues song slowed down on an acoustic guitar. He also explains the song “Brain Damage” and how it is about staying off the certain out-of-bounds pieces of grass in England and how it is human nature to want to step on it even though you should not. Even though you need to keep the loonies of the grass, as the song says, the words imply that we all have a certain insanity running through our minds.

Everyone knows how important Dark Side of the Moon is, my God, how many times has it been reissued since its inception? It all takes on a different meaning once you see how it was actually recorded and how it all came together piece by piece. I highly recommend this DVD to anyone that enjoys music. It is a fascinating trip just like the music is.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock/ British Psychedelia, Album, British Invasion, Art, Hard, Progressive, Space
Record Label: Eagle Rock Entertainment

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