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 Earthen Vessel - Everlasting Life (1971/1999)

Earthen Vessel - Everlasting Life (1971/1999) Earthen Vessel was a unique band for their time. With the revolution of Woodstock just a few years behind them, the last thing kids wanted to hear was Jesus rock. Drugs, free love, and music went hand in hand. Neither the establishment nor young music listeners were ready to accept a band that looked the part but claimed to be messengers of God. They were in fact what they claimed to be. They played hard with flair and color, just as their character opposites did. Regardless of common perceptions they were indeed a good rock ‘n’ roll band.

With a song like “Get High,” the stereotypes they were trying to break loose of were more difficult because of what it implied, even though they were singing about the almighty, not about smoking weed and dropping acid. That is exactly what they strived for, that same kind of power and energy, minus all the drugs and other distractions.

Lead singer Sharon Keel reminded me of Grace Slick and early Jefferson Airplane so from my point of view I found an instant recognition with their sound. Anyone with a love for psychedelic rock music will connect with this LP. This album was a one shot deal that now stands as a benchmark for many bands that have come along since then. They were true trailblazers for a genre. Chances are if they had come on the scene a few decades later when Christian rock started to hit big they would have remained intact and experienced the success that they sought.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Christian Rock, Hard Rock, Psychedelic

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