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 Yardbirds - Yarbirds (1992/2003)

Yardbirds - Yarbirds (1992/2003) Did you ever wonder how American blues made it to the UK? You do not have to look much further than the Yardbirds. This band gave us not one, but three of the most admired and treasured guitar players that ever picked up the instrument…Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton. All three of them have rewritten the history books and have secured their own little niche in time for their contributions to music since the ‘60s. This DVD tells the story of the legendary band. During interviews, the band members offer commentary on their TV performances from around the world during the ‘60s and many other interesting stories.

I found absolution listening to what Eric Clapton had to say in an interview about Jeff Beck. He commented on how consistent Beck was and then pointed out how he has wandered about over the years and has not had that kind of solid regularity over his career. I mentioned in my boxed set review of The Yardbirds Story (Charly) that I thought Beck was a much better guitarist because of all the styles he has adopted over his career and how Clapton has not changed much nor was willing to take risks like Beck. Thank you Eric for telling it like it is.

I was fascinated watching all of the old footage of the band and witnessing them go through changes with each successive guitarist. There is rare footage of when the band had Page and Clapton on lead guitars. This lineup was short lived however, and from what I understand this is the only film available with both of them onstage together. The interview with Jimmy Page was interesting. He explains how the band broke up when he had a lot of music in his head, and luckily, he found the members to start another band to play that music, they were to become rock behemoths Led Zeppelin.

One of the things that you realize, if you had not before, is the striking harmonica playing of Keith Relf, known for his voice but underrated as a blues harp player. His contribution as the band’s front man was immeasurable surely, however I think it is an important element to point out.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of the Yardbirds. They helped shape and define modern music, rock ‘n’ roll and blues-rock like few bands have or ever will again. If you ever had any doubt or need reinforcement to find more evidence other than what I have said, just watch this DVD, the proof is in the pudding.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock/British Psychedelia, British Blues, British Invasion, Blues-Rock

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