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 Beth Champion Mason - Rock, Christian, Pop

Beth Champion Mason - Rock, Christian, Pop I have been taking a serious look at Christian rock music recently. It is coming my way for a reason and I know that. Not only do I hear the message, I am enjoying the music immensely. What I am hearing is not much different from other rock music I have heard except that it is much more enlightening with clear and understandable vocals carrying a message of spiritual wisdom and hope. We all need to have more of that in our lives. I know I certainly do. It is a conscious choice to buy into the negative, listen, and watch what is on your TV set, particularly the war right now. As much as I am behind our troops, it stresses me out to watch everything that is happening in Iraq. Then the breakout of strange incurable diseases like SARS just adds to that uncertainty. It is almost surreal when you see it happening before your eyes on TV. When I can turn to people like Beth Champion Mason and listen to her inspiring music my outlook and attitude does a complete about face.

“All I Have” is literally telling the story of this woman. What I hear her saying is…what you will hear in her music and words is all she has, which is a faith in a higher power that runs deep and strong inside her.

This music is simple and straightforward with no false pretenses or mixed messages, and the best part about it is that the rocks! With tracks like “Carry Me,” “Ruler of the Universe” and “I am Your Child,” humility and love for our maker come shining through like the North Star. Even if you are an atheist yet a true lover of music, you will enjoy this music and be able to appreciate the talent on this recording.

The more I hear this genre of music the more I like it. As long as it has a good rhythm and it rocks, my ears and heart are wide open.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock, Christian, Pop

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