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 Susan & The Surftones - Wrap Around

Susan & The Surftones - Wrap Around If you would like to “Wrap Around” some of the best surf-instro music on the planet, I have just the group that can set you straight. Susan Yasinski and her group The Surftones blaze a trail in the sand and leave a huge wake in a sea of music with their brand of sizzling instrumental surf rock.

Not only is Yasinski an inspiration to women in music everywhere, she has become a pioneer of a genre. With each successive album the band has released there has been growth, evolution, and maturity. They proved that they could cover all of the classic first wave surf-instro hits with proficiency, and over the last few years, they have earned their keep and gained respect as original artists. In a genre with little room for experimenting and expansion, this is a huge accomplishment. After hearing this new album, it is more than apparent to me that they have come full circle in their development playing this style of music. Therefore, what could be next to overcome and accomplish? I guess we will have to find out the next time a studio album comes out.

There is a vibe and feeling on this album that has never been there before, it is very cool. Fresh, tight, crisp sounds come straight at you on tracks like the great Clash song “Should I Stay Or Should I Go,” the impressive curtain closer “Blues Theme,” and the reflective and powerful “Lonely Crimson Sea.” The names of the tracks alone invoke visions of pounding surf, beautiful sunsets, and Enrico Morricone films while the music sets the stage. “Ghost Riders In The Sky” has enough getty up and go to give you saddle sores… what a great version of that classic tune. Think Clint Eastwood and spaghetti westerns and you will get the picture. There is enough great music on this CD to create plenty of soundtracks inside your head. Good instrumental music has the ability to do that.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Surf-Instrumental
Record Label: OmOm

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