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 Various-Featuring Jan Ackerman, Robin Trower, Ronnie Montrose, Rick...

Various-Featuring Jan Ackerman, Robin Trower, Ronnie Montrose, Rick... In 1991, some of the worlds most excellent six-string benders gathered onstage to perform and flex their musical muscles. They each took their turns in giving the audience a spectacular display of guitar virtuosity and fireworks. At different points in during the performances, several of them joined onstage to exchange riffs.

Now for the first time this rare footage is available on DVD for a high quality visual and audio experience courtesy of Classic Rock Productions. Miles Copeland (The Police) is the MC. He looks quite dapper as he announces to the crowd at the beginning of each show how they are in for a treat seeing some of the greats as well as upcoming youngsters. He does it all as if he were announcing the beginning of Barnum & Bailey’s three-ring circus.

As much as I enjoyed this entire DVD, I think the highlight was watching Ronnie Montrose play. He really smokes it on every song. Although each player has their own unique style and tone that is memorable, in terms of straight ahead rockers, Montrose just seems to stand tall above the crowd. However, Robin Trower and Rick Derringer are no slouches; they provide some great entertainment as well. Derringer played the old classic “Hang On Sloppy” to get the crowd in good spirit and Trower cuts loose with “Day of The Eagle,” which got some folks hooting and hollering. Jan Ackerman plays some spirited jazz-rock fusion runs on his hollow body guitar. He takes guitar playing to another level and everyone else he is playing with along with him. Out of all the players, he was the only one that endeavored to play anything complex or challenging. I noticed that the same rhythm section and keyboard player stayed on stage the entire night, which I found very impressive considering the array of talent that stepped on the stage during the course of the evening’s events (there are two sections of footage included on this DVD). Some bright youngsters show the crowd their wizardry with the strings so when the old-timers come on they are ready to hear it taken to another extreme.

“Night of the Guitars” lives up to its title in every way. If you like to rock out and dig listening to great guitar players one after the other you will love this DVD.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock
Record Label: Classic Rock Productions

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