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 Alpha Cat - Pearl Harbor

Alpha Cat - Pearl Harbor “Pearl Harbor” is a captivating album by Alpha Cat. Take the acoustic and electric foundations of a band like REM then mix it with the punky edge of Chrissie Hynde, and you there you have it, a band worth your intent listening.

Listening to a group like this requires a lot of concentration. To key in on all the words while an awful lot is going on musically, you must listen carefully and pore over the meaning and depth of each song. My God, look at the credits, there is quite an impressive list of musicians playing a vast array of instruments to make this album happen.

The track “Snow” really caught me between the ears and pulled on my heartstrings. I love the line “But I know, rain will always fall, just as I know that heart of snow will always melt.” Wow! It sounds simple yet it so meaningful. Words of a true poet have a lot of impact, when they are set to a dreamy soundscape they carry that much more weight, making you surrender without a fight while you acknowledge all the thoughts while waiting impatiently for more pearls of wisdom to come flowing from the music’s edge. “All Mine” also echoes the sentiments of truth and irony…The only path I see is mine, mine, mine, the responsibility is mine, mine, mine, the pebble in my shoe I put there…think about those words for a moment. If the words do not knock you out, the music will. The soft acoustic guitar draws you into a sleepy haze then a knife-like electric guitar brings it all on home with a drop-you-into-reality feeling. Believe me it works. Trust me; you must listen to this CD at least twice before you can absorb it, I had to. The first time I was intrigued but it took a second spin to hit home and give it all a chance to sink in, then it really became enlivening for me. It is all together so magnificent, you really need to hear and feel this music. I really like the way this cat purrs...

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Alternative Rock
Record Label: Aquamarine Records

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