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 A Triggering Myth - Forgiving Eden

A Triggering Myth - Forgiving Eden Two men whom are brilliant musicians form a union of knowledge and respect to make one interesting and dramatic piece of music (as well as a stimulating CD cover). They call themselvesA Triggering Myth and their fifth album together titled “Forgiving Eden,” is a beautiful aural landscape. This CD may trigger more than myth and possibly more than expected. It seems Eden is a commonly used theme in progressive rock; this music has moments that could very well remind you of that utopian existence.

Inside us all is a volcano of emotion just waiting to erupt, I think people like Tim Drumheller and Rick Eddy are a few of the fortunate souls that populate the planet that have a constant unrestrained flow coming from that eruption, and it comes from the core of their being to the surface via their music.

Although my first thought was that this is progressive music, there are further considerations to make while attempting to explain exactly what is going on here. First of all, they have my total respect and admiration for releasing a one song CD, now that takes fortitude and belief in ones ability to create something valid and worthy of an audience. Moreover, the fact that is over forty minutes long says a lot about their spirit of adventure whilst creating.

I heard many different sounds and influences during the course of this musical omnibus. Classical music is the foundation from which everything stems from. A fortress of electronica is the thrust and motivation of this project, and a lot of layering and mixing of keyboards, guitars, and percussion shifting about makes for an interesting assortment of textures and sounds. My conclusion after processing this auditory document of sound and vision is that it is no doubt progressive electronica. Although it is not plain and simple, it can be so very thought provoking and fascinating. I highly recommend this CD for anyone interested in either genre or both, whatever your pleasure is, I am sure you will find great appreciation for this work of musical art.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Progressive-Electronica
Record Label: The Laser’s Edge

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