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 Mary Sarah - Oh, We

Mary Sarah - Oh, We This CD has one of the most fascinating and unusual world-new age collections that I have heard in quite some time. Mary Sarah and her gentleman colleague, Danys Levasseur, create a vibrant and dramatic soundscape with various instruments and objects. One of the main instruments is Mary’s incredible voice. She gets several octaves high and then drops down into the lower register with equal dexterity. Her high parts reminded me of the old Memorex commercials when Ella Fitzgerald breaks a glass.

I thought that she may be using a variation of African languages on“Kia Mu Ficae,” one of the more melodic and entracing tracks on the CD, she explained that she uses a melismatic methodology. She learned African chants, Indian, and French languages over time and implemented those teachings into one sound or language if you will. There are also root syllables from the various languages, and then everything else flows naturally with the creation of the music. She also told me she plays a soda can and then a wooden crate for a bass on the album! Now that is what I call real roots music.

I found the entire listen mesmerizing. Although it seemed like a short-lived experience, it was a full and rewarding one. Even though this is not the type of music I regularly listen to and write about, I would welcome the opportunity to experience it all over again.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: World-New Age
Record Label: Independent

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