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 Lillian Axe - Live 2002 (2 CD Set)

Lillian Axe - Live 2002 (2 CD Set) Lillian Axe is an interesting name for a group. I always thought it was. The problem is I never took the time to investigate what they sounded like even though I was intrigued with their name. After all these years wondering, I finally know. The meaning of their song “True Believer” now has its own special meaning to me.

Melodic rock is behind the musical wheel of this machine. It all comes at you full-force like a hard driving rain. The long time fans of the group have finally realized their dream with this 2 CD set of live material. Their catalog goes back to 1988 with five studio releases to 1999, which is plenty of material for a substantial live performance. These two CDs will attest to that fact with a resounding wallop courtesy of the chords bouncing off Steve Blazes’ guitar. The most satisfying aspect of all the tracks is that there are no cutting corners and sparing on time, just about every song is meaty and full, clocking in at four minutes or more.

This set is a real pearl that should not be missed by anyone with the spirit and fire of rock ‘n’ roll in their souls. This release should put Lillian Axe on the musical map with more impact than ever before.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock
Record Label: Red and Gold International Records

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