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 Gwen Avery - Sugar Mama

Gwen Avery - Sugar Mama Gwen Avery wants to be your one and only “Sugar Mama” of the blues on her debut release. From her opening lines in the title track, she comes across as very convincing and natural.

I was a bit disappointed that half the tracks were not her own. That always seems like the easy way out to making an album; you do not have as many songs to write, thus making the process quicker. It is not uncommon to have several covers on your debut CD though; I imagine there is a very good reason for it, such as having a comfort level with certain songs, and factors that I am unaware of. Nevertheless, she does come up with six originals that are real barnburners, and for her first CD that is a great accomplishment by any estimation as far as I can see.

Avery covers the array of the blues with authoritative vocalizations and a band as tight as 10-year-old Levi jeans. She stretches herself over the blues, gospel, and rhythm and blues with roots that run as deep as the great Mississippi River. With original down home cooking, her musical recipe starts simmering then comes to a full boil with her earnest and sensitive lyricism. She personifies each song with all of her that she has to give. She sings as if her delivery to humankind was a special order by the man upstairs. Now, you cannot ignore powerful stuff like that can you?

I love music like this because it feels so real and genuine. Gwen Avery is the real deal folks.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Blues
Record Label: Sugar Mama Music

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