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 The Aqua Velvets - Surfmania (Limited Edition Numbered CD-R)

The Aqua Velvets - Surfmania (Limited Edition Numbered CD-R) The cover of this CD says it all…surf-instrumental music is fun! It looks like surfing is too. There is so much energy and excitement in the sport of surfing it only seems logical that the music would reflect that. The Aqua Velvets have always been one of those bands that characterize the genre with their tropical island tastefulness, their rollicking and rolling wave like guitars, and the by and large fun-in-the-sun atmosphere that they provide for their listeners. Then when they throw in the element of spy and the James Bond like intrigue into the mix, the entire scope of styles within a style are covered, and quite adequately, I must say.

Surfmania is a brilliantly refreshing dip into their vast ocean of instrumental enchantments. Whether you are having a “Mexican Rooftop Afternoon” or enjoying an over indulgent “Martini Time,” you soon will be “Mastering the Art of Falling Down.” Parts of island, lounge, surf, spy, and rock are all ingredients of the one-way trip this band can take you on.

I am always looking for ways to find how this kind of music sounds the same but this band eludes me every time, they manage to mix it up nicely by playing different styles of surf-instrumental on every track. Even though this is uncomplicated music compared to jazz or progressive rock for instance, it is still a major accomplishment to record something different with a new twist on every track. That is exactly what separates them from the three chord wonders that cannot seem to get out of their own way.

My favorites were “Green Sunshine” and “Kashmir Sweater,” they both reminded me of their excellent release Nomad. There are no surprises here, just another fantastic effort from one of the best surf-instro outfits on the planet earth. I love it when bands burn copies of their music and number them especially for you; it feels like I have received a special keepsake from the artist besides the music.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Instrumental/Surf, Rock

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