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 The Beach Boys - Classic Selected By Brian Wilson

The Beach Boys - Classic Selected By Brian Wilson Since the comeback of Brian Wilson has gone into full swing interest in the Beach Boys catalog has grown as well…again. It never seems to end, when you have great music its eternal, and the flame never goes out. Labels won't pass up an opportunity to capitalize on the success of an artist, so it was time Brian Wilson sat down and picked his favorite songs from the catalog of the group that he created and lead for so many years. Is this a brilliant concept? Hardly nothing new, but this is Brian Wilson we are talking about here, and the timeless music of the Beach Boys. The standard hits are all here and some you may have not heard before. I have never been a hardcore fan so I was in for a treat hearing several songs I had never heard before. Tracks 13-20 I hadn't had the pleasure to enjoy I am embarrassed to say. Although I have heard different versions of "Sail On Sailor" by other groups.

My favorites are as follows: "The Warmth Of The Sun," because it makes me feel like I am taking a stroll along the beach on Pacific Coast Highway in San Francisco. I left that area in 1988 and haven't returned since, I really miss the ocean. "In My Room" always gave me a chill, you know that special goose bumpy feeling you get? It's real special to me; my bedroom, a chair, and my stereo were my refuge as a teen. It served as my own special place to be the real me and be alone with my music. Of course I could never show people the real me when I was a teen, it wouldn't be cool, so I took drugs to bury my real feelings. "God Only Knows" was another trigger point emotionally for me. The song can apply to anyone in your life, in this case though I think Brian is singing to God. "Don't Worry Baby" is so sweet and beautiful, all of these songs are. The Beach Boys songs were as universal as the warmth of the sun that they were made in.

Additionally a new recording, which is actually an older song that never saw the light of day with the Beach Boys, closes out the album. It's called "California Feelin,'" and its Brian and his new band. I found it fascinating comparing his voice on all the previous tracks to what it sounds like now.

So there you have it, BW's favs and mine. I would be willing to bet that if you gave this CD a spin you would have some too.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock-Pop
Record Label: Capitol

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