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 Ravi Shankar - Charly-Original Soundtrack Recording (1968/2001)

Ravi Shankar - Charly-Original Soundtrack Recording (1968/2001) I was in grade school when this movie came out. It had a tremendous impact upon me as young child. Cliff Roberston turned in a fabulous performance as the character called Charly that accomplished the impossible. I do however do not remember the music, which isnít all that unusual for a child, or for an adult for that matter. I also have never exposed myself to Ravi Shankarís music before. However I did know he was the ultimate Sitar player and a respected man in many circles besides music. I know George Harrison befriended him and implemented the Sitar in many Beatlesí songs as well. I am certain now what I have been missing all these years.

This soundtrack is an enchanting group of compositions. The sound that is presented is fundamentally progressive orchestrated world music. The Sitar is a beautiful and gentle instrument that is very adaptable and flexible with just about any other genre of music, and this LP serves as a fine example of that.

I really felt quite relaxed and spiritually reflective while listening to this beautiful music. I will now be in search of more music by Shankar in the future because of this LP.

The LP is packaged nicely in gatefold sleeves with several colored pictures of Ravi inside. The sound is superbly rendered and the originality and musicianship is exquisite. If you have been into this music this is a must acquisition, if not and you enjoy world music, then you will love this.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Soundtrack
Record Label: Moving Image Entertainment

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