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 Brad Yoder - Used

Brad Yoder - Used Sometimes we all feel a little tired and “Used.” Brad Yoder sings all about it very nimbly on his get-up-and-go filled release. Yoder also uses his music to get his point across about senseless hate, brutality, and racial issues. He sings about a young man named Nathan that is harassed and beaten in “Land Of The Free.” Check out these powerful lyrics-“And the Klansman in his snowsuit doesn’t frighten me by half as the blindness of a notion and the smugness of a laugh, brother Nathan, what reaction if the colors were reversed?” and the chorus after each verse is “In the land of the free, hail to the chief.” Man does that ever pack a punch with sarcasm and truth or what? From the serious rhetoric of that song he can also offer up some humor like on “James Bond.” I would be willing to bet that this guy saw every single Bond flick and is a major fan of cocktail lounge and spy music. I certainly am.

Brad not only went full bore on the musical end of things, the packaging of this CD is beautiful. It’s more like what a major label would produce, not an indie artist. All the more power to him though, as he played his hand right and has a total winner with this release. The production is absolutely sparkling, and his voice is spot on in every song. The cast of characters he gathered for this CD is a good one. You can’t walk away from such a high caliber project without giving the nod to the supporting cast, and I feel it’s important to acknowledge all the wonderful people involved.

Just think, this may be the first time that you felt used and wanted to feel that way again.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock-Pop
Record Label: Reverie Records

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