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 Aimee Mann - Lost In Space

Aimee Mann - Lost In Space I have always enjoyed and appreciated Aimee Mann. From her time with Til Tuesdayand through all of her tragically underrated solo work, she has been one of the best female rock artists for last two decades. With “Lost In Space” Mann once again puts it all together to offer great musicality accompanied by her tender and addictive voice. Upon first listen I asked myself where all the angst and rockin’ tunes that this woman used to pump out? Actually, the only real rocker on the entire album is “Pavlov’s Bell.” “Humpty Dumpty,” which opens up the album is an incredibly good track. It is has hooks galore and her voice is so sweet and clear that those thoughts I had were soon forgotten.

Well, the angst is still present, as Mann has had many go rounds with labels and lawsuits leaving a bitter taste in her mouth. You will see and hear in her lyrics how she lashes out and strikes back at her attackers. In “Invisible Ink” she sings about lies and deception-“What some might take for magic at first glance, is just sleight of hand, depending on what you believe, something gets lost when you translate, its hard to keep straight, perspective is everything.” Then similarly, in “The Moth” her disgust and disappointment with the music industry comes through loud and clear. At least that is how I would interpret the overall mood of this album. She is one of many artists that have taken the wrong road regarding their careers. Money grabbers and slick talking corporate lawyers that do not care about artists’ welfare are some of scum that are the cause these situations. This CD is like a storyline of her life in recent years. It all reminds me of the Rolling Stones song “Shattered,” when Jagger sings- “Bite the big apple, don’t mind the maggots, uh-huh.” You know I may be totally off base about my perception of what she is trying to convey in her songs, then again, I may have hit the bull’s-eye.

If you appreciate outstanding musicianship, you will love this album with all it has to offer. There are plentiful stinging guitar lines layered over lush keyboards that will suck you right in, while Mann’s voice will entrance and enchant you. The production aspects of this recording are simply out of this world, which makes the listening process that much more profound.

By the third listen, it all finally hit home and I could actually write about it. Give this CD a fair chance and listen several times, I guarantee you will appreciate it all if you take the time to process everything that is wrapped into the lyrics and music. Perhaps this time, after several critically acclaimed reviews, she will get the attention she deserves. I tip my hat to Ms. Mann for her extraordinary talents as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalists, and above all for being brutally honest and wearing her heart on her sleeve. This is without a doubt, some of the best work that Aimee Mann has ever released; it just does not get much better.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock
Record Label: SuperEgo Records

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