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 Yes - Keystudio

Yes - Keystudio “Keystudio” is seven previously unreleased tracks from Yes originally recorded 1995/96. Recorded as bonus cuts for the live albums “Keys to Ascension” and “Keys to Ascension Vol. 2.” These tracks recently became available to help promote their current 2002 concert tour. This material is so good that it actually surprises me that the group did not release it earlier. I think that fact that Rhino released a career spanning boxed set this year has also helped their cause.

This is the Yes lineup including the keyboard wizard Rick Wakeman. With songs like “Mind Drive” and “That, That Is” clocking in at 18:38 and 19:15 respectfully, this CD gives ardent progressive-rock fans and longtime followers of the group a big helping of the band at their very best performing long and complex compositions with Jon Anderson and his heavenly vocals floating over the top of each note. Most of the album has tracks with a sizable length except for “Sign Language,” which comes in at an uncharacteristic 3:29.

This is an excellent album; I do not know what else I can say except that you should buy it if you are a Yeshead or progressive rock enthusiast. It is all here, great vocals, keyboards, bass, guitar, bass, lush and powerfully sweeping compositions that seemingly go on infinitely, the complete package as this band has always been. I really appreciated the way Steve Howe was able, as he always is, to add his beautiful acoustic guitar passages to the softer parts of each song then in the same token provide authoritative chops via his electric six-string. I recognized the importance of each member of course; I was more captivated with prowess of the guitar playing, which I always am actually. Then again, how could you not recognize the quality of musicianship at every position in a group like this?

There is no doubt that this great group are the one band that popularized progressive rock and this is one more gem to add to their massive treasure chest of music that they have recorded since their inception over 30 years ago.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Progressive-Rock
Record Label: Sanctuary Records

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