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 Terry Brooks and Strange - Rock The World (Recorded Live in Orlando...

Terry Brooks and Strange - Rock The World (Recorded Live in Orlando... This is the first release of this ultra rare live material from Terry Brooks and Strange. You get two high quality LPs, which are green and red, a 50 x 70 poster, and colored pictures of Brooks performing inside the gatefold sleeves.

Brooks reminded me of Ian Hunter with his corkscrew hair and shades in place. He plays one mean guitar on “Rock The World,” which was recorded live in Orlando, Florida in 1980. You will get a real good taste of what he sounded like on the four sides offered here. The one drawback was his overuse of the echo on his voice. On just about every song, he used that effect and I cannot figure out why because he proves what a great rock voice he has towards the end of the recording on “Dream” and “New York Connection,” minus all of the big sounding effects. I guess you can attribute it to the overkill factor and his efforts to make an impression on his audience, which he succeeds in doing regardless.

He appreciated Hendrix and emulates his hero on many occasions during the course of the concert. The inner sleeve of the LPs has a quote from the great one as well. If you have always appreciated guitar pyrotechnics and psychedelic blues tinged rock you will have a good time spinning these platters.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock
Record Label: Akarma Records

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