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 Lynyrd Sknyrd - Turn It Up!

Lynyrd Sknyrd - Turn It Up! When is the last time you heard a Lynyrd Sknyrd album? For some folks it may have been around 1977 when a plan crash stole away some of the key members of the band. I remember that I had tickets to see them play in Boston Garden when that happened and it was a real bummer. Now it is 2002 and the band has carried on after all the hardships over the years. Ronnie Van Zandt’s younger brother Johnnie has filled in admirably for his brother to keep the southern rock flag flyin’ high. Brother Donnie also contributes on this album. They both sound hauntingly similar to their brother and at the same time, I find it comforting to hear those similarities on their latest rockin’ southern fried offering “Turn It Up!” Playing it loud is a prerequisite to hearing this music, as it should be. Their last trip to the studio was a Christmas album in 2000; this is surely a long awaited and highly anticipated release for the faithful followers of the band and those that love the hard driving sound of southern rock.

It was great to hear all the smokin’ hard rockin’ cut-it-to-the-chase rockers blaring out of my speakers again; there is something real special about the way it always seems to hit me square between the eyes. It must be the down to earth honesty of the lyrics, the way the music gives me the goose bumps, or how my adrenaline starts to pump a mile a minute. The titles of the songs pretty much sum it all it up for those that can relate…“Born To Run,” “Devil In The Bottle,” and “Travelin’ Man.” Yes sir, they sure enough sound like Sknyrd songs to me! All the songs are that honest to goodness kick ass no bullshit rock ‘n’ roll that we all have come to know and love. It sure hit the bull’s-eye for me. When it shoots straight attcha with both barrels smokin’ you just know you are at home with these southern boys and their music and you have hit pay dirt.

You can bet your bottom dollar, I love this kind of music and I always have. This album brought a smile to my face. I love those rockin’ guitars and from the gut vocals, there ain’t nuthin fancy about it but it gets the job done, nuff’ said.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Southern Rock
Record Label: Sanctuary Records

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