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 Kerry Livgren - The Best of Kerry Livgren

Kerry Livgren - The Best of Kerry Livgren Never has progressive rock music had so much meaning since Kerry Livgren found his own meaning of God in his life. Through his music over the years Livgren has been entertaining audiences with his own special brand of rock music with the divinity of the Great Spirit weaved throughout the words and music of every song he creates. His family members are also a big part of his life and music as they play an active role in helping him to record.

“The Best of Kerry Livgren” gathers 14 essential tracks of inspiration and positive energy through his talented guitar, keyboard and percussion playing. The essence of man and creation is the music of heaven. There is no doubt in my mind that Livgren has a direct connection to heaven and the innermost feelings he has. Fortunately, for us all we get a glimpse inside the man through the eyes of the music in every song on this collection. What makes this CD so special besides the subject matter are the previously unreleased tracks, rerecorded tracks, and new songs that make for a delightful combination of majestic and moving rock music accompanied by some of the most beautiful vocals you will ever hear in this genre of music. For me this is all about the message more than the music, the music is just the carrier.

Kerry Livgren maintains a low profile, and because of that, he has not received the attention that he deserves. I am sure he would rather have it that way though, as you can tell that he is at peace with himself and his life is full and rewarding as it has ever been because he is being true to his heart. His successes with Kansas are evident on every album that he was a part of with that group, although it is as a solo artist that he has truly blossomed in every way. People know how important he has been to music and the development of progressive rock. He was the driving force of Kansas right from the beginning. Now as a solo artist, he has become as successful as any other guitarist that is actively recording. Do not think for a moment that because this is Gospel music that it will not rock hard…it does, and as much as what he recorded in the past with that band from Topeka.

I found it interesting how Ronnie James Dio makes an appearance on the new track “To Live for the King.” Dio, known for his devilish and dark rock music in the 70’s and 80’s, does a wonderful job on the song, it reminded me of when he left Elf and joined forces with Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow. I always knew that Dio was being theatrical in the vein of Alice Cooper and groups like that in order to entertain and peak his audience’s curiosity. I remember you could turn his “Holy Diver” album upside down and Dio written in old English would spell out devil. This was all part of the publicity to further album sales, and it worked. The appearance on Kerry’s album proves that we did not have to take any of the Satanism nonsense to heart. Ronnie James is a great rock singer, not a devil worshiper.

I truly felt reenergized and inspired after listening to this great music. Those that can hear Kerry’s message will appreciate it, and any prog-rock enthusiast will genuinely enjoy the creativity and beauty of each track as it builds to a crescendo of sounds letting the words of light come shining through. Enjoy this music and all that has to offer year round, it does not have to be the Holiday season to hear the messages coming from within us all. Let the music do the talking and then you can do the walking.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Progressive-Rock-Gospel
Record Label: Numavox

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