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 Adrian Legg - Guitar Bones

Adrian Legg - Guitar Bones Adrian Legg is one phenomenal guitarist. I figure that I should get right to the point starting things off with this review. When you mention his name to most folks the normal response is-Who is he? He has been around for a while now actually. “Requiem for a Hick,” his first album, was released in 1977, that was not yesterday folks. Now that surprised me too because I discovered him in the 90’s and I think it was by reading a rave review (keep reading). I know one thing; this guy can play circles around most of his contemporaries. He gingerly plays an acoustic guitar as if it was an extension of his body. The energy and exertion that electric guitar players have is evident in the playing of Mr. Legg. I can see why Steve Vai, another guitar ace, would appreciate this man’s artistry and want him on his label. He comes recommended by Vai, what more evidence could one need as a gauge of his worthiness as a guitar genius? I dare say another word.

On “Guitar Bones”, he gives you every ounce of his makeup in each song, its all Adrian. With a blend of folk, acoustic, classical, rock, world, jazz, and blues, you get the grand tour of the six-string acoustic. An excellent example of his versatility is “Ghost In The Hills,” it is like an Irish gig in hyperdrive. As you are anticipating the sound of the bagpipes off in the distance, it all comes together in fascinating and exhilarating way…simultaneously. Legg’s music is all about throwing all of his influences and styles into one boiling pot that simmers over into a musical stew. I am sure he is as multi-faceted a personality as his music would indicate. I was thrilled to receive this CD for review and now of course I want everything he has ever recorded. Well, I only had three of his albums, now four, that is not his entire catalog so I definitely need more!

Believe me; once you hear this man play, you will feel the same as I do. Every song is a different adventure that brings you into a story without words. The music paints the stories on a canvas of beautiful acoustic sounds from his guitar that you would not think were possible to create. Look, just get this CD and let me know if I was right? I know I am and I just want everyone that appreciates great music and gifted guitarists’ to discover this incredible talent. Mark January 28, 2003 on your calendar, it will be in the stores then. The next time someone asks you who Adrian Legg is, you can without hesitation answer.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Acoustic Instrumental (Several Styles)
Record Label: Favored Nations Acoustic

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