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 Santana - Shaman

Santana - Shaman As so eloquently written in the liner notes of Carlos Santana’s new album “Shaman,” “A shaman is a person that is a spiritual healer who brings balance to mind and body, heart and spirit with colors and sound, herbs and song, creating unity and harmony in the world.” Santana unmistakably defines that description. His music is a worldly universal healer for thousands, and it has been for over three decades. The enormous success of the album “Supernatural” gave Carlos the kind of acceptance and acknowledgements he so longingly deserved. His new release has the same energy and consistency that will enable it to enjoy the same success.

This recording picks up were the previous album left off. With a melting pot of artists contributing their talents to blend with Santana’s all-world sound that is made up of parts Latin rhythms, rock, pop, blues and jazz, this is music for everyone. My eight-year-old son and six-year-old daughter could not stop moving while listening to these fantastic songs and neither could I. At one point, my son said- “This is really good music dad.” That about says it all, this is all of that and so much more. Undoubtedly, this kind of music will thrive in the Latino community, reach out far beyond that culture, and find its way into many more lifestyles as its predecessor did. I am certain that this album will be the recipient of several Grammy awards and it may outsell “Supernatural.” As Santana continues with the formula that has been so successful, he becomes more comfortable with it and creates music that touches your soul that has a collective appeal that goes far beyond the music itself.

“The Game of Love” with guest vocalist Michelle Branch is the first single to permeate the airwaves, and by the looks of the reception that it is receiving, it will be one of many blockbuster hits to come from this eclectic album. Carlos outdoes himself with a scorching guitar solo on the instrumental “Victory Is Won” were he paints a beautiful and graceful musical landscape of emotion. To say that this is a victory is putting it mildly. He uses his talents and everyone surrounding him so well that he likened it to a human synchronicity. “America” is the heaviest rocker on the album, it features Carlos with P.O.D., who introduces Santana on guitar as if it were a live event and then the song kicks in. Each track has a generous of amount running time; there is not one song under four minutes long. The 16 tracks of prime Latin rock will get you into a groove that does not stop for a moment from beginning to end.

Other notable talents that make this a musical event to treasure are Seal, Musiq, Macy Gray, Citizen Cope, Placido Domingo, Dido, Chad Krueger, former band mate Michael Shrieve, Ozomatili, P.O.D., Alejandro Lerner, Melkie Jean, and Govenor Washington. Very few artists have the ability to combine their talents as successfully with such a diverse group of people as Santana has. Once again, he has spun his web of magic to capture the imaginations of his captive audience around the world that hangs on every note coming from his guitar.

This music moves you, rocks your soul, and keeps your mind and body in motion. It accomplishes so much all at the same time that it makes you wonder how anyone could play music with such love and reverence for humankind. There is only one person that is capable of pulling it off; his name is Carlos Devadip Santana.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: World Rock
Record Label: Arista

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