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 Jean Jacques Perrey - The Amazing New Electronic Sound of Jean Jacq...

Jean Jacques Perrey - The Amazing New Electronic Sound of Jean Jacq... This LP is a peek into the past of electronic music, it is as historically important as it is viable as a resource for any musician that is attempting to create electronic music of any kind. This was the beginning of the Moog synthesizer and its amazing impact upon music and television.

It was Jean Jacques Peerey’s intent to take the many colorful palettes of modern day music and funnel it into this new electronic gizmo. The result was fascinating and space age for its day. Upon listening to all of this today, it is entertaining and interesting, although not attention grabbing enough for continued listening. In a sense, this makes it more of novelty and collectors piece than something you would buy on impulse or a favorite artists’ new release. This of course does not devalue the music in any way; I am merely looking at it from the perspective of the year 2002 opposed to something new and exciting in 1968. As with anything there is the positive and negative, in this case I think the positive outweighs any negative connotations. It is electronic wizardry in all its glory and better yet, it is on vinyl.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Electronic Instrumental
Record Label: Vanguard Italy/Comet Records

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