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 Blue Oyster Cult - A Long Day’s Night

Blue Oyster Cult - A Long Day’s Night The Blue Oytser Cult has released “A Long Day’s Night,” the DVD companion to the CD with the same title. BOC is not a visually exciting group, they never have been. The group has a great stage presence just the same, which they present with no flash or pomp. What you do get is an honest night’s work and some great rock ‘n’ roll.

Nineteen tracks spanning the group’s career are covered, including interviews with the band and fans plus behind the scenes footage, all recorded in Dolby digital stereo. The concert runtime is approximately two hours.

Buck Dharma plays a chopped off electric guitar with an interesting design on the body and Eric Bloom has the band insignia on his six-string, which he plays rhythm with between his keyboard chores. Bloom’s voice sounds a little worn, and I think that is normal after over 30 years of performing. Dharma’s voice however has held up well. It is apparent that Dharma is still one of the premier rock guitarists active today, and it becomes even more evident watching him opposed to just hearing him play. A lot of excellent close ups of his fingers speeding up and down the guitar neck highlight his expertise.

It is always a more complete experience when you see a band play live. To find yourself all caught up in the energy and excitement of a cheering crowd is all part of being there, or in this case, watching as it unfolds before your eyes. I do not care how old these guys are, they are still one of the best performing rock bands in the world. Here is the proof, if you have not before, you can witness it with your own two eyes. Thanks to the DVD format, BOC will now be remembered forever and a day in the chronicles of rock history.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock
Record Label: Sanctuary

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