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 Bill Evans Trio - Consecration (8 Disc Boxed Set)

Bill Evans Trio - Consecration (8 Disc Boxed Set) Captured live at the Keystone Corner in San Francisco from August 31 to September 7, 1980, “Consecration,” which is the sister set to the previously released “The Last Waltz” (2000), is a generous selection of Bill Evans’ enormous catalog of compositions. With different nuances and improvisations available on each set, many of Bill Evans’ most treasured compositions delighted his audiences on these historical nights in the history of jazz music. The incredibly durable Evans was gravely ill at the time and would pass away one week later in New York.

You may think that this is overkill and that many of the same songs would lend itself to boredom and repetition for the listener, this is not so. I found it amazing that this never once happened while listening to all eight discs.

Bill Evans (piano), Marc Johnson (bass), and Joe Labarbera (drums) were one of the most revolutionary and forward thinking jazz trios to play onstage or in the studio. It is not difficult to realize this once you have heard the first two sets. Evans’ partners in music could not understand how he could have been at a creative peak when he was physically devastated after years of substance abuse. Bill knew he was going to die and so did everyone else, thus there were mixed emotions amongst the band. Regardless of this intense emotion, they all seemed to funnel that energy and feeling into the music beautifully. Evans bounced back and forth from upbeat contemporary jazz improvisations to classically influenced ivory tinkling, while Labarbera and Johnson would inexplicably weave their instruments into his layers of keyboard intelligence. The sturdy rhythm section was always ready for the changes and paces that Evans would lead them through. Evans is comparable to Segovia in the way he shaped and molded two genres into his own special sound.

While I can empathize with Evans and the insidious disease he suffered from, as I am a recovery addict, I do not sympathize. It is unfortunate that such a beautiful person with so many gifts to offer had so much inner turmoil, and invariably would destroy himself. He left us a lot of music to digest and to remember him by for eternity.

This music was once a high priced collector’s item only issued in Japan, it is now finally available for all jazz lovers to enjoy. I feel honored and privileged to have enjoyed this wonderful listening experience by the grand maestro of the piano Bill Evans, and I am most certain you will appreciate it as well.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Jazz
Record Label: Milestone

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