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 Phish - Live In Brooklyn

Phish - Live In Brooklyn Live In Brooklyn was recorded on June 17, 2004 at Keyspan Park at Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY and it comes packaged the Rhino way in a three CD set or a two DVD set. Because it is now available, the legend of Phish gathers more moss as it continues to roll down the rock ‘n’ roll hill. It must be gratifying to be able to have this kind of success long after a breakup. Well they deserve it; the boys paid their dues and earned their respect and notoriety over the years playing countless gigs all over the planet. Now we have yet another live gem to offer the faithful.

For the fanatical fan, I suggest getting both. As I continue my personal journey with Phish via the live recordings only at this point, I find that the legend of their live shows has validity and it puts them in a class all by themselves for their time. This is the second installment of archival live material I have had the pleasure to ingest visually and aurally and I am continually impressed with the quality and variety offered by the now legendary jam band.

Phish was not a band that gave you an elaborate stage show or presence, they just played their asses off and gave everyone what they wanted to hear-improvisation, great covers, like Edgar Winter’s “Frankenstein,” and the opportunity to listen and watch a band that reignited and continued to grow the jam band tradition every time they stepped foot onstage.

The CD set is excellent; it is a good production with excellent sound quality. The DVD also features quality video, sound, and good camera work. Watching cameras bounce around can be nauseating and it is important that there is some good panning and lighting if you are looking at your screen for long periods like you will be watching this set. The DVD also has some extras including some up close moments with the band and practice sessions before the show.

Once again, everything is in place for success for Phish with these wonderfully packaged releases from Rhino. This is a cannot miss situation for the band and hopefully this will prompt them to reconsider getting back together to create more magical moments for us all to enjoy.

Disc 1
1. A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing
2. Dinner And A Movie
3. The Curtain With
4. Sample In A Jar
5. Moma Dance
6. Free
7. Nothing
8. Maze
9. Frankenstein
Disc 2
1. 46 Days
2. Possum
3. The Oh Kee Pah Ceremony
4. Suzy Greenberg
5. Axilla I
6. 2001
7. Birds Of A Feather
8. Kung
Disc 3
1. Mike's Song
2. I Am Hydrogen
3. Weekpaug Groove
4. The Divided Sky
A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing
Dinner and a Movie
Curtain With
Sample in a Jar
Moma Dance
46 Days
Oh Kee Pa Ceremony
Suzy Greenburg
Axilla I
Birds of a Feather
Mike's Song
I Am Hydrogen
Weekapaug Groove
Divided Sky

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock-Jazz Rock Fusion
Record Label: Rhino

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