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 Bourgeois Gypsies - Blue Morning

Bourgeois Gypsies - Blue Morning Arnold Mitchem and Kaisa MacDonald call themselves the Bourgeois Gypsies. They have some major chemistry going on with their CD Blue Morning. This talented couple plays and sings their hearts out on this exceptional recording.

MacDonald sings and plays acoustic guitar and Mitchem does the same, plays electric guitar, and doubles as the bass player. Talent is abundant with this duo and they have some friends that fill in the gaps to flesh out their sound as well on different tracks. John Humphrey (bass), Tommy Fillman (drums), Sunnygirl Yoko Takeda (harmonica), and Paul Trudeau (Wurlitzer) provide more than adequate skills to make this album’s sound complete.

What you get with Bourgeois Gypsies is a very appealing and infectious blend of music consisting of folk, blues, and Americana. The lead off track “Gypsy Girl” is great tune filled with hook laden acoustic guitar lines and perfectly balanced vocals from the duo. You hear it one time, and then you cannot get it out of your head, your hooked! Mitchem and MacDonald, while different, are equally matched in tone and delivery so it works out very well as they compliment each other very nicely. The title track is one of the better compositions, and because of the title, it makes sense that its one of the tracks where the blues influences come in.

Bourgeois Gypsies are a real down to earth pair that sounds as if they approach each song as a separate story bringing each character they are portraying to life. When you think about it, musicians and vocalist are very much like actors and it becomes clear when you look at the whole picture listening to music like this. The music indeed sounds earthy and grounded and so does the vocals, it is just a real pleasant listen with each song. From the listener’s point of view, I heard 10 tracks that I did not mind hearing more than once, which is a good thing and indeed a compliment coming from my side of the desk, or speakers I should say. This is all good stuff well worth checking out if you enjoy shots of energy and people that have a little sunshine and some smiles in their music and lyrics.

01. Gypsy Girl (5:05)
02. Sugarplum (4:37)
03. Slide (4:45)
04. Pink Clouds (3:55)
05. Skin (3:38)
06. Blue Morning (6:35)
07. Laredo Holiday (5:26)
08. Middle of Nowhere (3:42)
09. Conversation (4:51)
10. Wide Open Moments (4:59)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Folk-Blues-Americana
Record Label: Kaiam Records

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