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 Saga - The Chapters Live

Saga - The Chapters Live Saga fans will be in their glory now, the definitive moment has arrived in a live set. The Chapters Live is available now on this two CD set. All sixteen chapters that came together over several years for the band, the words and music that comprised eight albums of music that started in 1978, is here, captured live, all of it for the first time. Think about it, what prog-rock album do you know of took 28 years to reach its fruition? This is it, your looking at it.

I could not be more impressed with this set. The 36-page booklet takes you through all the lyrics and the live music is fresh and vital. Simply put, it does not get much better than this, well…if it was in a DVD-A format with 5.1 surround sound, now that would be amazing. Just wait, I am sure it is coming right around the corner. Speaking of DVDs…the band just recorded their classic album Worlds Apart on 12/8 for DVD recently so watch for that, it is sure to be a keeper. In early 2006, a new studio album is due as well. So the Saga continues, no pun intended.

I was very pleased with this set, the sound is good, the band is as tight as they have ever been, sounding inspired and crisp every step of the way. For a live recording, this is very good, I cannot complain about the overall sonics and presentation. I love this music and I always have. Saga is unique, an entity that is beyond compare. Let’s face it, nobody sounds like them, and they have managed to maintain their popularity even though the band broke up at one point during their career. There is no doubt with this release, a new studio album released this year titled Network, which by the way some folks say is their best in 20 years, they are making some waves. So this band’s career is entering a new phase, a renaissance if you will, as fans old and new take hold and embrace their recorded output-in turn prog-rock continues to gain more respect and popularity.

The Chapters Live is an absolute must, I say no more. If you are into prog-rock and love this band as I do, this is a no brainer.

Disc 1
1. Chapter One: Images (5:03)
2. Chapter Two: Don’t Be Late (6:27)
3. Chapter Three: It’s Time (4:09)
4. Chapter Four: Will It Be You? (6:27)
5. Chapter Five: No Regrets (3:48)
6. Chapter Six: Tired World (6:36)
7. Chapter Seven: Too Much To Lose (3:18)
8. Chapter Eight: No Stranger (6:23)
Disc 2
1. Chapter Nine: Remember When (5:24)
2. Chapter Ten: Not This Way (2:57)
3. Chapter Eleven: Ashes To Ashes (4:37)
4. Chapter Twelve: You Know I Know (4:01)
5. Chapter Thirteen: Uncle Albert’s Eyes (4:56)
6. Chapter Fourteen: Streets Of Gold (4:11)
7. Chapter Fifteen: We’ll Meet Again (5:40)
8. Chapter Sixteen: Worlds Apart (6:44)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Progressive Rock
Record Label: Inside Out

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