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 Santana - All That I Am

Santana - All That I Am This is one of the few times I decided to look at a few reviews before listening to a CD, I found pretty much the same thing about the new Santana album All That I Am. People are saying each album with the guest star configuration has gone down hill in quality and the format has worn out its welcome. I tend to agree that its time for Carlos to move on and try something different however I do not see where his recordings have lacked depth or energy. I am a total Santana nut; I am the kind of fan that will buy obscure recordings from cut out bins. So you are now wondering, that I have given myself away, can I be objective. Well, of course, I can that is my objective.

This is a solid album; this is Santana regardless of all the guest stars. Who is making music like this now? That is right amigo, one man, Carlos Devadip Santana. He still plays like a man on a mission and his Latino rock burns with passion and fire just as it always did. As the title indicates, he says this is All That I Am. How could he possibly match the success of Supernatural? I overstated the importance of Shaman and said it would surpass that incredible album; I really believed it was that good. I do not think that this album is as good as the previous releases, nevertheless I cannot stop listening to it, and I do love it.

Michelle Branch steps in and does a nice job again on “I'm Feeling You,” a track aimed straight at the top 40 charts. I think they hit the bull’s-eye, even if it sounds like the previous efforts with the popular Branch center stage. I like the way the album kicks off with “Hermes,” its definitely one of the highlights of the recording, its vintage Santana filled with all the Latino percussion and trademark lead riffs. “My Man” is little too R & B and Rap for my taste although I could appreciate Carlos’s stinging guitar lines. The very popular Los Lonely boys are a good fit on “I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love.” That was probably the best pairing on the entire album. How did they ever put Steven Tyler of Aerosmith with Santana is beyond me, its does not make any sense right? Well Tyler’s voice is better for this format than you would initially think, and as it turns out, he sounds melodic and stays with Carlos quite well on “Just Feel Better.” The weakest track is “I Am Somebody” featuring, its uninspired and boring, not even great guitar playing could save it. Now the runner up on American Idol gets his shot, Bo Bice, thanks to Clive, and he does a nice job with “Brown Skin Girl,” yet another one that I think could be a big single. The dude does have a great voice and he certainly is off to good start with his cameo appearance on this album. “Twisted” is also a great tune with Anthony Hamilton, a potentially chart riser if they release it. So there at least three or four tracks that could be big hits that would push this album into the top ten, but time will tell.

I loved the instrumental “Trinity.” I wish Carlos would put out an entire album out like that. He absolutely cooks on that track-give me more! Possibly, next time out he will give this guest artist thing a rest so people will stop complaining. I the meantime lets enjoy it, there is a lot of great music on this CD and there is only one Santana, celebrate his life and music, give this CD a few spins, you will love it.

01. Hermes
02. El Fuego
03. I'm Feeling You
04. My Man
05. Just Feel Better
06. I Am Somebody
07. Con Santana
08. Twisted
09. Trinity
10. Cry Baby Cry
11. Brown Skin Girl
12. I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love
13. Da Tu Amor

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock
Record Label: Arista

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