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 Susaye Greene - Brave New Shoes

Susaye Greene - Brave New Shoes Susaye Greene puts on her Brave New Shoes and kicks her heels up on a wild new album. That is the best way to describe this CD, its just wild. What you receive while listening are 17 tracks of Pop, R & B, Funk, Rap, Rock…well lets just narrow down to nearly every type of music imaginable, which would give a clearer picture of what is going on here.

Greene has quite a resume; her credits include performing and writing songs with Stevie Wonder, and a stint in The Supremes to name a few of her accomplishments. By the sounds of this album, it certainly looks as though the relationships she developed over the years have not hurt her one bit.

What surprised me was how much I enjoyed the rap and the way Susaye would answer the phrasing of her male counterparts in songs with her talented vocal chords. She can get very high, I mean piercing high, and then in same breath, tone it down and get silky satin sexy in a funky NYC way. It all has an edge to it, which is a together street-smart sound with just enough pop sprinkled around to make it all palatable. The rap is not x-rated; it is intelligible with a groove. The one song that caught me totally off guard was Led Zeppelin’s “The Ocean.” When I heard the opening riffs I figured she was just sampling it and then I would hear something similar to the previous tracks, well it did not happen. She covers the song and does a decent job with it; actually, it was pretty cool to hear a female singing it. The guitar playing was adequate to establish that Greene and her band were giving it their best shot.

This album is full of surprises, some weird sounds, and effects-It is not your average record that makes it into the Top 40 or something you would hear coming from the Motown label. This is independent music, and it is all about stretching out and taking chances. There are not many artists that would be brave enough to wear the shoes of Susaye Greene, that is for sure. I applaud her for her originality, spirit, and eclectic approach to her music. This is a bite of the big apple and it tastes oh so sweet.

01. Black and Blue (:51)
02. Love Controls You (4:50)
03. Time (4:29)
04. Living In A Vacuum (4:27)
05. Never Dreamed (4:24)
06. Got What U Give (5:13)
07. Back When We Were Young (1:13)
08. Never Can Wait For Love (5:04)
09. Back When We Were Young (1:13)
10. Never Can Wait For Love (5:04)
11. Children Of The Ghetto (5:48)
12. In The Wind (4:26)
13. High Energy (4:10)
14. Rhythm Revolt (5:41)
15. Let’s Have Some Fun (:48)
16. The Ocean (4:36)
17. Deep Inside (1:47)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: R & B-Pop-Rap
Record Label: Dollface Records

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