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 Hollins Steele - Songs From Vanderbilt Avenue

Hollins Steele - Songs From Vanderbilt Avenue If all that glitters is gold then Hollins Steele has an album titled Songs From Vanderbilt Avenue that is a cache of sparkling pop rock. It all sounds crisp and clear backed by superior production. When you can get all of those elements going for you together it creates an atmosphere that perpetuates a winning attitude.

As soon as you hear the thumping, powerful bass of the opening track “Prelude: Vanderbilt Ave in C Minor,” you know this is going to be a solid album. I had that feeling right from the start and as it turns out, I enjoyed the entire recording.

The team of Dayna Hollins (vocals) and Benny Steele (drumming, percussion, keys) make for the perfect complementing couple. Steele is the all around music man and Hollins has a pop diva vocal style that you simply cannot ignore. The friends that show up for the session are an impressive group indeed. I certainly noticed often enough how great the bass playing was, and that is because Booker King (Santana, Kelis) and Buster Hemphill play their hearts out. Their contributions serve as some of the all-important building blocks to the foundation the couple lays down for this entire album. Matt Beck (Matchbox 20) pumps out some piercing guitar licks as well, giving the music some oomph and a rockin’ feel to provide the otherwise glossy pop some meat and potatoes that it would not have without him.

Because of the mix and the usage of all the instruments in each track, it helped me to appreciate all the time and effort that obviously went into this. This is not the type of CD I am reaching for on a regular basis, although I certainly appreciated the fine musicianship and the outstanding vocals of Dayna Hollins and was pleasantly surprised how I felt when it was over.

This CD is as good as any of the pop rock that is selling by the millions today, which proves one thing, not all of the best music is heard.

01. Prelude: Vanderbilt Ave in C Minor (2:09)
02. Tongue Tied (3:58)
03. Falling (3:38)
04. Fill Me In (4:10)
05. Between the Lines (3:36)
06. Worst Enemy (3:25)
07. Interlude in a Minor (1:19)
08. In Dreams (3:53)
09. Funny (2:40)
10. I'll Move On (3:10)
11. Stuck On You (3:40)
12. 20/60 Eyes (2:58)
13. Postlude: Vanderbilt Ave in C# Minor (1:28)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Pop-Rock
Record Label: Steele Music Group

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