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 Stefanie Seskin - The Edge of Reason

Stefanie Seskin - The Edge of Reason The Edge of Reason is Stefanie Seskin’s statement to the world that she has arrived. By all indications, she most certainly has made a footprint in recorded music with this tasty new album.

The songs range from the sparkling pop of “No Such Thing” to the jazz and rhythm and blues infused “Jerking My Chains” then down a completely different road with attitude on the alternative rocker “Nasty.” She is all over the musical map on this CD. For that very reason, I was pleased listening to this recording from start to finish.

Here voice is as gentle and alluring as her physical presence on the cover of this CD and the spicy black and white shot of her in the CD tray. Sorry, you will have to buy the CD to see that picture. There is a reason why the music is so good, the lineup she has is most impressive, not because they are all big names in music but because they are all very qualified and talented musicians, and there are sure enough of them!

Stefanie Seskin obviously planned this recording very carefully before she started and the outcome is excellent. Its music like this that keeps me fascinated with independent musicians.

01. Your Own Road (3:15)
02. Chill Now (2:41)
03. Estrangement (3:47)
04. Jerking My Chains (3:09)
05. Nasty (4:46)
06. Nothing To Say (3:25)
07. I Just Keep On (4:27)
08. Stay Where You Are (4:07)
09. No Such Thing (4:25)
10. Be Like You (4:48)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Pop-Rock-Jazz
Record Label: Check Other Records

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