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 Wade O. Brown - All Night, All Love

Wade O. Brown - All Night, All Love With the passing of the legendary Luther Vandross there seems to be a big void that needs filling. An artist like Wade O. Brown have an opportunity to step forward, do the music justice, and help us to remember one of the best we had. Brown’s All Night, All Love is a start in the right direction.

Brown is not Vandross but he will remind you of the late great vocalist. On his latest release, he makes his way through 14 convincing tracks with smooth, funky, and velvety vocals that will sound sexy and alluring to the females, while commanding and powerful to males. He is the kind of artist that will have a broad range of appeal within genres and age groups. Certainly, this album will find itself nestled in the R & B charts but will also have the opportunity to cross over to pop as well.

Brown sings all about the love’s of his life. What is so nice about it is that you can understand him very clearly every step of the way. The production is sharp, his voice is above the music, and he stands right out front without the music losing any integrity whatsoever. I noticed the drums and bass are very strong, which is a good thing as R & B counts on the rhythm section to lay the foundation of the groove from which everything else stems from.

This is the kind of album you spin and say “this is pretty good, I think I will listen to it again,’” then before you know it, you are checking it out on a regular basis, falling into the hypnotic rhythms of the music and the reassuring voice of Brown. This one has made several spins in my stereo, which is unusual for this type of music for me. Brown offers a quality recording that will make an impact. If the right people stand up and notice, he gets a fair shot, and of course enough people like it and I hear it, All Night, All Love will make some waves. I heard it loud and clear and I am sure there will be many others that will too.

01. About Her (4:22)
02. Put This On (4:52)
03. All Night, All Love (4:31)
04. Maybe (4:53)
05. Just Good Friends (3:30)
06. Besides (4:33)
07. Where Do We Go for Love (4:17)
08. So Glad (3:30)
09. Shake (3:49)
10. Wholeheart (4:28)
11. How Does It Feel (4:29)
12. Best of My Love (4:34)
13. My All Is You (5:25)
14. Now Is Mine (5:40)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: R & B-Pop
Record Label: Groove United

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