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 Psykick Girl - The Needle Has Landed

Psykick Girl - The Needle Has Landed McKenna Rowe is the Psykick Girl. Her wild CD cover pictures her as a modern day medusa, with hair instead of live snakes flowing off the top of her head. If a picture is worth a thousand words this one says it all. Rowe looks entranced by the music she is listening to with headphones securely fitted to her strawberry blonde locks. My first thought was…Wow! this girl is really getting off on the music. Actually, she hopes that you will get into what she has to offer on this CD, that is the goal.

The Needle Has Landed (for those of you do not know history or are too young to remember, the astronauts said ‘The eagle has landed’ when they touched down on the moon’s surface in 1969) hints around that this is recycled music via the vinyl LP with vocals blended or programmed in. Granted it has some of those elements but there is a lot more, primarily the beautiful voice of McKenna Rowe, the self-anointed Psykick Girl. If it were not for her voice, I would have not considered writing about this as I find electronica generally boring and uneventful. The comparisons to Annie Lenox will find their way into many critiques I imagine, and for obvious reasons that you will recognize rather quickly.

There are many instruments used on this recording, and that is why I liked it so much. It did not feel like a typical electronica experience. There are drums, bass, guitar, congas, the djembe, and forcefully persuasive vocals. While I could not compare this to what Bowie and Eno created on Low for instance, this is really good music with some fine instrumentation. A more appropriate description would be that it is more like intense driving dance music with a modern day techno edge to it, unquestionably a side step away from the norm for techno, and very appealing. Although this is not something that I would generally listen to on any given day, I felt it was exceptionally well done. That says a mouth full coming from my own personal perspective and in regards to my particular tastes in music. I know that pop, experimental, techno, electronica and rock is a large cross section of genres, but I believe people that enjoy any one of those styles will find some significance and enjoyment listening to this CD.

1. Impression
2. Iron-hearted
3. Antidote
4. Goddess
5. Tarshish
6. Phoenix
7. Trees Can Speak
8. You Are My Great Joy
9. I Am No Machine
10. Release Me

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Electronica/Pop, Rock, Vocals, Experimental
Record Label: Psykick Girl Productions

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