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 Jodi Shaw - The Pie-Love Sky

Jodi Shaw - The Pie-Love Sky The expression “pie in the sky” gets a new twist on Jodi Shaw’s recent release The Pie-Love Sky. Shaw’s beautiful and beguiling vocals are reminiscent of the folk legend Joni Mitchell. Comparisons are inevitable and some folks hear Edie Brickel, Suzanne Vega, Natalie Merchant and Heather Nova when the listen to Shaw sing.

This variety of music has a tangible three-fold meaning. There is wonderful poetry, acoustic guitar and vocals delivered by the singer, and all of it is warm and inviting like a hot cup of coco after a day of activity on a cold winter’s day. Each song has a hook with lyrics that you can understand. Clearly, there are many different aspects of Shaw’s artistry that you will be able to find some common ground with.

My favorites are “Dumbo’s Feather” and “Out of Love MP3.” I particularly enjoyed the tasteful piano parts and jangling guitars that complimented Shaw’s voice so well. “Kristine’s Lullaby” is quite beautiful and touching. If you have kids, you will be able to understand. My 6-year-old daughter Morgan came into the room while that song was playing and she said to me “Did they just say Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear?” That moment in time for me was precious and it never would have happened if I had not been listening to this CD. It just goes to show that the children are always listening even though you may think they are not. That is exactly why I am careful with my use of language around them. It was just another daily revelation for a concerned parent found inside of a song. Things like this may seem small in comparison to what goes on in some people’s lives but I look at it as little gifts from God, and I see and hear them because I want to. I guess what I am trying to say is that I appreciate people like Jodi Shaw. I am very grateful for the opportunity to enjoy the little things in life, but like everyone else, I need a helping hand from some good music to take notice of those events happening around me sometimes.

This very pleasant uplifting CD is simple yet heartrending. Shaw paints a pretty picture with her music and fills each portrait with characters that you may find locked up inside you. The music is the key that unlocks the door, just let it happen. I cannot see how this artist could actually improve upon what she has already done but somehow I think she will find a way to do just that. I really enjoyed listening to this album; it grew on me with each listen.

1. The President Knows
2. The Forger
3. Dumbo's Feather
4. In Cabrini-Green
5. High
6. White as the Stars
7. The End
8. Is
9. Out of Love
10. Kristine's Lullaby
11. Only You

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock/Folk, Alternative
Record Label: Big Head Records

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