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 Greg Annussek - Little Palaces

Greg Annussek - Little Palaces Little Palaces are all around us if we care to look. They are in a the eyes of a true friend, a wife or husband’s loving embrace, a child’s priceless smile, and inside the heart of the music we listen to on a daily basis, if we care to pay attention. In a mixed up world brimming with negativity it can be hard to let everything roll off your back. Then there are artists like Greg Annussek that make everything okay with his music and sense of humane honesty.

Listen to these words from “Long Way Down”:

Would you be safer in my hands?
You hate to think that I understand
What you try so hard to explain
You can fill me in on the parts I missed
Before you gave yourself the slip
And we all kept our ears close to the ground

Those are stimulating and pensive lyrics to say the least. Annussek has a voice similar to that of Lou Reed, as his delivery is subtle yet poignant while his sing/talk vocal style gives more emphasis to every word. The lyrics did not pull me away so much that I did not recognize the great music though. I actually found the entire package offered on this album mesmerizing. The singer’s approach fit the tempo of each song quite nicely. I was pleased to hear gentle and soft moments and harder more rocking elements come into play on this album. If variety is the spice of life then this CD screams spicy hot.

I must also give my respect to the string arrangements so beautifully produced by Ernest Adzentovich, whom also plays bass and adds percussion to the recording. The strings add a dimension to rock music that offers a richer and more meaningful ‘push’ into the listener’s consciousness. The song that seemed different from all the others was “Mr. Meyers.” It is loaded with pop hooks and sounds; it has TV show or movie soundtrack written all over it. When you look at the entire presentation here, it speaks of variety and professionalism in every facet from production to sound and musicianship.

If you really listen, as you are capable of, you will notice something different every time you hear this music, I did. Now it is your turn to see for yourself, go ahead…try it you will like it.

1. Young Again
2. Long Way Down
3. You Bow Down
4. In the Movies
5. Didn't You Know?
6. Sunday Again
7. He Should Love Her
8. Mr. Myers
9. Fall Down
10. Help Me Bleed

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock/Pop, Folk, Alternative
Record Label: Independent

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