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 Stan Swiniarski - Ain’t That Love

Stan Swiniarski - Ain’t That Love I have made it quite clear in my reviews how some country music just grates my nerves, you know, the mainstream overproduced more-pop-gloss-and-polish-than-anything type of so called country music? There are not too many artists that are the real deal anymore…with the exception of down to earth folks like Stan Swiniarski. Call em’ what ya like, the Polish cowboy, indie artist, the bottom line is that the man is talented, and he sings and plays from the heart. Stan is a working man and a family man, just like many of us. So what makes him any different from you and I? There is one thing, he sings and plays music that will bend your heartstrings.

Ain’t That Love is exactly what the title says it is. This album is about the love of a family and what it all means, especially the title track. My sweet lord, I was getting chills all over and I almost broke out in tears listening to that song. It is all about being a little boy, growing up, then having your own son to look up to you the same way you did your father. Stan sure has a way with words and gets his feeling and thoughts across quite clearly, mainly because you can understand what he is singing, and the music that backs all of his wonderful lyrics on this album is a stronghold of sound built by him and his crackerjack band. It is definitely country music, with a pop twist to sweeten the pie.

After hearing one song after another, it is not hard to realize just how sincere this man is when he constructs a song. Every song I could relate to in some way, it was easy. Stan pulls up a chair in your living room and sits right beside you, wraps his arms around you, and gives you a big old bear hug with his wonderful music. With all the reality of life that he dishes out in his songs, like parental awareness in “Little Eyes Watching” and the unfairness of adults that have spilt up, always putting their children in the position of who they like most, mom or dad, in “Both Sides Of The Coin.” It makes you realize how our roles are reversed whether it is by our own choice or unfortunate circumstances beyond our control. Adults turn into children and the children force their parents to grow up and be more considerate and caring for everyone that is part of picture, while making them look in the mirror and realize how selfish they are being. Along with the heartaches and tears in these songs, there is plenty of humor and joy, such as “Drinkin’ Cap” and “Just Add Baby.” The entire range of human emotions and then some gets coverage amongst the 12 tracks on this CD.

Yes there are some strong realizations about life in the music of Stan Swiniarski and it’s a hell of a lot of fun to listen to, and how knows? You may learn something along the way.

01. Drinkin' Cap (2:41)
02. Ain't That Love (4:05)
03. Holdin' On For Dear Love (3:24)
04. Just Enough Room (3:32)
05. Just Add Baby (2:41)
06. What Do We Do Now (4:21)
07. All This Family's Love (3:54)
08. Little Eyes Watching (3:51)
09. One Sunset At a Time (3:11)
10. Both Sides Of The Coin (3:29)
11. Corner Of Faith And Hope (4:02)
12. Makin' Our Days Count (2:53)

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Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Country-Pop
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