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 Box Of Poems - Gemini

Box Of Poems - Gemini Box of Poems is a great name for a band; it indicates that what you will find inside this CD are songs with lyrics that have thought and meaning behind them. Of course, there is never any guarantee that a band will live up to its name or what it implies, much less be a reflection of their name with their sound and lyrical content. This band hits the mark on all accounts.

On Gemini this all around talented band made up of Amit Dhar (electric and acoustic guitars), Billy Genaurio (vocals), Johnny Mennonna (bass), Kenny Schwartz (drums and percussion), and Rob Vasquez (bass), pump out track after track that offers an eclectic mixture of styles and approaches.

While rock-pop is the predominant style on this recording, you well hear some nice Latin flavored acoustic guitar like on the “Pools of my Love.” This reveals a talented group with different dimensions. You, the listener get a little something extra and different for your hard-earned dollars. They certainly did not disappoint this discerning listener, as each track offered up some surprises that happen during the course of the CD. This band does not play it safe, they opt to lay their cards on the table and take some risks. Although there is distinct formula to this recording, every CD has one-the mix is very pleasing and energetic. They even crank out an impressive version of Elton John’s “Saturday Nights All Right For Fighting.” Some of the songs really hit home, particularly “Living in my Head,” for someone that spends most of their time in the cerebral frame of mind, it was easy to find common ground with words like that

Amit Dhar is a versatile guitarist, and he proves it by switching his styles throughout this CD. While everyone in the band is important it seems Dhar is right in step with the pace Billy Genaurio sets with his vocals. Genaurio is an energetic and powerful front man, and just as versatile with his vocals as Dhar is with the six-string. While the music may aim towards the college market initially, it has enough crossover appeal that it could stretch out and spill over into contemporary, rock, and pop charts as well.

01. Turn Out The Lights (3:50)
02. Destiny (3:04)
03. Pools of my Love (3:28)
04. Living in my Head (3:41)
05. End of Days (4:30)
06. Perfect Bliss (3:29)
07. Lotuseater (3:48)
08. Secret (3:14)
09. Til death do us Part (4:42)
10. Saturday Nights All Right For Fighting (3:55)

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Rock-Pop
Record Label: Synchead Music

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