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 Martha Lipton - Blissville

Martha Lipton - Blissville When Martha Lipton’s Blissville starts into the lead track “bodySoul&mind” (not a typo, that is the way it’s spelled), you may think that a techno-electronica album is what you will be hearing, then visions of DJs with multiple turntables and a mirror ball spinning endlessly run through your head. Do not let the first track throw you off; it is the only dance song on the entire album. This is merely a sampling of the complete cross-cultural diversity and musical evolutions you are in for while listening to this five star release.

I love jazz and all the styles and combinations thereof. Few recordings have completely satisfied the varied tastes that my palette desires. This CD certainly was more than satisfactory in many ways. What I really enjoyed the most about what Lipton presented on this album was the way she handled each song with the varying degrees of tempos and rhythms in regards to vocalizations. She sings and talks her way through a song…think of Lou Reed in woman’s body doing a jazz album but with a much sexier smoother approach, I know that may sound bizarre but it works. She does everything in such an endearing way with good spirit, that you become hypnotized and then drawn into her web, just as if a black widow lured you in as a perspective mate and meal. That may sound out of place when elucidating the tasteful nuances of jazz music, but you have to hear this music to understand just how different it is. Lipton has an instinctive sense of each musical style and she puts it all across with a wonderful sense of spinning a tale while adding her wonderful warmth and humor, then for additional effectiveness to add to the potpourri of jazz styles, sprinklings of different languages such as Italian, Portuguese and Spanish are stirred into the simmering musical melting pot.

This woman is a serious talent and if given a shot on major label she would immediately turn it into a wellspring of opportunity. It is unfortunate that talent like this goes unnoticed on world level because she certainly deserves that kind of notoriety for her originality and pure talent. Oh yes, every song is an original, there are no covers except for a few collaborations which she also had a hand in. I love the playful kazoo in “All Over You,” complete with the old scratchy vinyl 78 sounds and the way she transitions right into a funny little ditty about runny salad dressing and a guy that showed up that was “6’6.” “Backwards” is so wonderful and so vaudeville, complete with a tap dancer accompanying the singer every step (no pun intended) of the way. These are but a few examples of the worlds you will travel too via the music of Martha Lipton. Music fans and artists alike will find this CD a joy to experience.

I guess blissville would be a place where you could swim nude in broad daylight without anyone noticing, ummm…with exception to the person with the camera. (For those of you who are not able to view the cover of the CD go look it up at or the artists’ website

Here is some food for the soul taken from the track “bodySoul&mind” - Love your body, love your soul & love your mind. Don’t hesitate to educate – You never know what you will find. Everyone is golden born with talents to unfold. Cultivate…Accentuate…Communicate your passions. Remember diamonds come from coal.

This project was so impressive that I felt it would be nice to get some feedback from the artist. This is what Martha Lipton had to say about her art and music:

Writing and producing songs in various languages and genres is of great interest to me.
I am able to do so with the help of native speakers, an extremely versatile arranger,
and other talented artists whom we invite to play on my recordings. This fascination with the ‘otherness’ in the world stems from a gift for (particularly Romance) languages, an interest in the music of these cultures, growing up attending many performances in and around Manhattan (i.e.
season tickets to Lincoln Center) and having friends and family turn me on to their favorites such as classical, jazz, blues, world, etc. I particularly love the collaborative process, the opportunity to explore what distinguishes one genre from the next, building track upon track in the recording studio and experimenting with various instrumentations. It¹s that passion which motivates this collection and, as you might imagine, it has been my most wonderful creative experience to date.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Posted By: Keith Hannaleck
Genre: Jazz/Contemporary, Fusion, Latin, Dixieland, Delta Blues, Tango, Cabaret, Vaudeville, Big Band, Caly

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